Monday, July 26, 2010

This Is What My Dreams Are Made Of...

So, we have been SUPER BUSY!! I have so many things to blog about...

FIRST OF ALL... Today is the last day that the Bmom has to change her mind. This is a HUGE milestone in our adoption process. WE ARE SO HAPPY!! I know in my heart that she knows that she has made the right choice. Our daughter is going to grow up knowing how amazing her Bmom is. I am always going to tell her how her love was so much more to be able to give a her a better life, than her love would have been had she kept her. She made a plan for her. I know that as this day is so wonderful for us, it has to be horrifying to the Bmom. To know that this is it and you can no longer change your mind...I know that it was a hard day for her. Tomorrow begins a new chapter for us with our daughter, and for the Bmom and her two other daughters. I am sure that she is just looking forward to being able to move on and heal the best that she can.

This Sunday we went to Church for the very first time as a family. :) Everyone was so happy to be able to see and meet her. We had an awesome day! We did get lots of pictures for our first day at church! I will back post when I am able to put them up!!

We have been to 3 different cookouts this week and Little Miss loves them! She loves being around other people! She is so happy all of the time. I have 1 picture of her being fussy and that is one of the very few times that she has been ill. Justin and I are so blessed to have such a happy baby! We now know why we have been on such a journey to have a child. It is all because she was meant for us. AND MAN WAS SHE WORTH THE WAIT!!! Every time that I look at her, I know exactly why we have went through the hard times that we have. Every time, I know that even if we never have another child, everything will be fine. We will be perfectly happy with just her. Now, I absolutely want her to have a sister to be close to, as I am with mine, and a brother to look after her and her sister (wink wink)...but, if we can't achieve these things, we will be just as happy as we are now. We are never going to stress over infertility again. WE NOW HAVE OUR DREAM COME TRUE.

Little Miss' cousin, Easton, came home from SC this weekend. He is just 5 weeks older than her. They will grow up so close! They will be so funny at Christmas' and things throughout the next few years!

I got a video of Carson leaning over Little Miss' bassinet saying, "Watcha doing sweet girl?" It is the absolute sweetest thing that I have ever seen. He loves her so much. When he walks by her, he will stop what he is doing and lean over and kiss her wherever he can reach her at, whether it is her leg, foot, face, head, hand or ear! HAHA! He is precious with her. :)

We have a HUGE BENEFIT YARD SALE this Saturday! We have so many things for it. People have been so awesome donating so many things. We could not be any more blessed by the people around us. Sunday, we are having a "Welcome Little Miss" party. It is basically a baby shower, but since she is already here, we are calling it Welcome Little Miss Party! I am so excited for Saturday and Sunday! We have such a full week and weekend planned ahead!

Oh, and might I mention that we are just SO IN LOVE!!! We have the most perfect and precious angel that we have been chosen to care for. It is definitely the most wonderful and rewarding thing that we have ever done!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Today, I took Little Miss to the doctor. This appt was only to check her weight, to be sure that it was increasing. She was 9lbs when she was born, 8lbs 15oz when we left the hospital and 8lbs 13oz on her 1 week drs appt. Today, at 2 weeks and 1 day, she is weighing in at 9lbs 5oz. :) She is just perfectly healthy and eating like a champ. I just love taking her places! People just ohhh and ahhh over her every where we go, and I just love it, of course! Today at the drs office, a woman said, "Kelly, I didn't even know you were expecting!" I responded with, "Oh I wasn't! We ADOPTED this precious little angel!" She said back to me..."Kelly, I think she looks just like you!!" SOOO, I AM JUST ON CLOUD 9!!! :) I know that she obviously doesn't look like me, but I seem to think that she does! She is such a Blessing to us! Oh, and her doctor said today that hopefully if I keep feeding her like I am, she will start sleeping longer through the night! YEAH!! She slept awesome last night...She ate at 12am and slept until 6am. Her doctor said, "I bet you freaked out and woke her up to eat, didn't you?!?! Yes, I am guilty of that! HAHA! I woke her up because I thought, "Uh oh, what is wrong with her, she didn't wake up to eat!" He laughed!

We then took a little trip to WalMart for a few little things. She was perfect the entire day. She just loves shopping already! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

2 Weeks

Today our baby girl is 2 weeks old. She has brightened our life more than you could even imagine. She is getting so big...kinda makes me sad already!! She went to the doctor last Monday and had lost 2 oz, for a total loss of 3 oz. We go back to the doctor in the morning to see how much she weighs now. I know that she has gained this time. It is so exciting waiting to find out how much she has gained! lol! Here are a few pics of this sweet little girl!! No faces, though!

Today, Little Missy got her first pedi by her Momma! Now, we both have 'Dutch Tulip' on our toes! Her little toes are so tiny that I kinda made a mess with it! HAHA! Oh well, they are still just too cute!

Hope that you all enjoy these few pictures! She is such a doll and I hate not posting her sweet little face, but they will come soon enough! Oh, and couldn't you just eat these sweet little feet?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today, the BirthMom has signed her rights away. There is now a 10 day period that she has to change her mind. As I am so thankful that she signed, my heart breaks for her. I know that it was a hard decision for her to make. A decision that was made completely out of LOVE. We have so much love for her. It just leaves me wondering...How can someone have so much LOVE for a complete stranger? I do not know the answer to this question, but I do know that it is true. It honestly amazes me when I sit and think of how special someone is to be able to give another person one of the most awesome and loving gifts in the world.

Dear BMOM,
I have so much love for you. You will never know what a blessing you are to Justin and I. I made a promise to you when I met you. I promised you that if she ever wants to meet you, that we will let her. I PROMISE, she will meet you one day. I do not have a doubt in my mind that she will want to meet you. We will always tell her how much you loved her and how you did the most unselfish thing in this whole world. Something that most people are too selfish to even think of. I hope that life brings you love and joy because you deserve NOTHING less. You are a blessing and I promise you that she will grow up only knowing what a blessing you are. You have given us a piece of your heart and you may not even know it, but you have a piece of mine as well.

The word LOVE doesn't even express what love we have for this amazing woman!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just A Little Update

Here is just a little update on our sweet angel! She is doing AWESOME! She is eating mostly 3 oz every feeding, occasionally 4 oz and sometimes 2 oz. She sleeps wonderfully! We are so blessed with a very content and happy baby! She has tons of visitors every day! (We know that she is already going to be a social butterfly!) She is smiling like crazy. Some say it is just gas, but we beg to differ! :) She will just stare up at me and it makes me just MELT. Now, I know that technically she can't really see, but I just know that she knows that she is looking at her Mommy! She has a swing that she just loves to swing in! (Thanks Tonya!) She is the light of our life! We have been so blessed through this whole experience! I left my house on Sunday, the 4th, thinking that I was getting a baby and what was I going to do...because I didn't have a stitch of clothes for her, a bottle, carseat, bed or anything! She has beyond what she needs now, and we haven't even bought the first thing! People have brought everything to us including clothes, bottles, diapers, wipes, bassinet, car seat, swing, bouncey seat, Boppy seats, milk...and the list goes on and on! It is amazing! We have been so blessed and our little angel has been so blessed by people that truly care for her already, as well. Pictures will come soon, I promise! Just still waiting for the legal stuff to get out of the way! I have a ton of pictures already, as she does a little photo shoot every night! She loves playing dress up, I think! Or atleast she doesn't cry when we are doing it! lol! She is OUR ANGEL!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

OUR LIFE, as we knew it, HAS CHANGED

I haven't had time to do a new post lately because we have SO BUSY! Our whole world has changed!!! On Sunday, July 4th, at 4:30pm I got a phone call from my social worker...WE HAD BEEN CHOSEN....and that isn't even the best part....SHE IS ALREADY HERE! She was born on July 4th at 11:57am. My social worker said to me, "Kelly, are yall enjoying your 4th?" I said yes, and my heart was racing because I thought, now why is she calling me!! She went on to say that we had been chosen for a baby girl. My heart stopped! Then she said, "Well, she was born this morning! Come on to the office and we will finish your paper work and then we will go to see your baby!" I went straight home and picked up some of our paper work and headed straight for the office. We got the papers figured out, then we went and put some stuff together for a basket for the birth mother. Then, our 2 social workers and I headed for the hospital. Justin was working in Clarksville, so my sister had to go and pick him up. They met us at the hospital. I tried waiting on Justin to get there before I looked at her. I was sitting there and then realized that on the other side of this window was our baby. Then I started peaking through the blinds and I got a little look at her! She is beyond beautiful! One of the nurses came into the waiting area, where I was, and started telling me how she had adopted a little girl and how our life was fixing to be blessed beyond anything that we knew. She hugged me and cried with me! She was awesome! She asked me if I had seen her yet and I said, NO! Of course, the blinds were closed! She imediately said, "Honey please let me go and open those blinds for you!" I told her that I was supposed to be waiting for Justin, but oh how I couldn't wait, so she went in and opened the blinds! MAN...SHE TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! She was 9lbs and 21 1/2 inches. She has alot of hair, which of course, I AM LOVING! Justin and my sister got there shortly after and we were all just sobbing crying. She is so perfect. The nurses inside the nursery took pictures of us through the nursery window of when we very first were able to see her. Those pictures are PRICELESS! The nurses gave us our own room and let us keep her with us. She is so amazing and perfect! She rarely ever cries and sleeps wonderfully! She is such a good baby! And let me tell you, she is beautiful! Pictures will come soon. We need to get some legal things out of the way and then I will post pictures all over my blog! Right now, we are just taking the time to enjoy her. I say that she is definitely going to be a Mommy's Girl and Justin says she is going to definitely be a Daddy's Girl! We will see! HA!
We are so very grateful to her birth mom. She has given us a gift that we aren't even able to give ourselves right now. We have been able to have dinner with her and she is AMAZING! She has an absolutely amazing personality. She is bubbly and actually really reminds me of ME! We sure do love this little girl and thanking God every second for this little miracle! We are blessed beyond our means!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Today is a Great Day!!

Today is our 5 year anniversary! We are so excited! It doesn't even seem like 5 years, but then again sometimes it feels like 10! lol. Today is also my Mom and Dad's anniversary and would have been 29 years this year. Please think of him and say a little prayer that he makes it through the day ok. It is going to be tough on him. It is kinda hard to justify us having a great night planned out when I know that his heart is breaking. We all miss my Mom so much more than I ever even knew was possible to miss someone. She was definitely the glue that held us all together! So, it is a bitter sweet day for me. I AM excited for what Justin has planned for us, but my heart hurts a little, too! But 5 years, WOW, seems like just yesterday we were saying "I DO"! I have definitely married my soul mate and my best friend!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We received our first order of Adoption Bug shirts yesterday! I absolutely love them and I can not wait to order more! This isn't a full picture of one of the shirts, but this was on my way to work this morning. Better pictures to come soon. I LOVED wearing my Adoption Rocks shirt and I am just so proud to show that we are adopting! Just thought I would share with everyone!!! Hope that you all have had a great day!

Also, tomorrow, the 2nd, is mine & Justin's 5 year wedding anniversary! We are so excited and he has the evening planned out for us! We are hoping and praying that this will be our last anniversary with just the two of us, so we are going to enjoy it! Hopefully by this time next year we will have a sweet child and we will have something else to celebrate! By the way, I had a dream last night that we got twin baby girls!!! So, whatever my dreams mean, I don't know, but I would just LOVE that! :)