Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sweet SpringTime :)

Gracie with her daddy...

Gracie and her cousin, Autumn...

Gracie, Daddy and horse Bo...


My Loves...

9 Months... ALREADY?!?!?

Where in the world have the last 9 months gone? Seems like just yesterday that we got a call from our social worker saying, "CONGRATULATIONS... YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN, AND SHE IS ALREADY HERE!!!" (The most heart wrenching moment of my life!) Gracie was 9 months old on Monday, April 4th. She didn't have her 9 month check up until Thursday and I am just getting around to updating it on my blog!... OF COURSE, RIGHT?!?! :) Gracie, here is what you are doing at 9 months...

  • You weigh 23.10 lbs and are in the 97th percentile.

  • You are 29 1/2 inches long and in the 97th percentile in that, as well.

  • You are crawling everywhere... non stop!!!

  • You are pulling up on everything.

  • Yesterday, Saturday, you walked behind a little stand and push toy. You only took about 4 steps, though. I missed this because I was at work, but your Daddy and cousin Autumn told me ALL about it!

  • Today, you walked the complete length of the bath tub while holding on... :) Which doesn't sound like much, but to this Momma, it is huge!!

  • You have 6 teeth that are completely in right now and 1 that is little bitty, so a total of 7 TEETH... and you like to bite!!!

  • You are really feeding yourself so well. You only feed yourself cookies and snacks, but you pick it right up and go straight to your mouth with it.

  • You are talking so much and it is so sweet! You can say Dada, Momma, Hi, Bye, Baa (which is what you are calling our dog, Bailey... and every other dog! LOL), Pa, Gram and Ed swear that you said "Gram" one day, and when your cousin Easton was here, he would steal your toys (which was too cute) and ONE time you took one back and said, "Mine"!

  • You are waving all of the time. Every time that we are walking to the car, you wave at everything saying, "Bye Bye"! You wave while we are going down the road until you just get tired of it! You will wave and say, "Hi"... which is my favorite!!

  • You clap every time that you do something that you are proud of. You immediately look around to see who else needs to be clapping. We all end up clapping saying, "YAAAAYYYY!!!" You get so excited.

  • You are always smiling and happy. You have always been this way since you were born. You are such a happy and pleasant girl.

  • We still have to use Dove unscented soap and Eucerin Calming Cream as your skin care because of the eczema. It keeps it under control, though.

  • You have just started pulling your hair bows out... THIS IS A BIG NO-NO!! :)

  • You love to be outside. It makes you a very happy girl.

  • You are wearing mostly 18 months clothes.

  • SO MANY people love and adore you. You definitely put a smile on LOTS of people's faces.

  • You are such a wonderful child and a blessing to me and your Daddy. You make us smile each and every day. We love you so very much.