Sunday, January 9, 2011

Horrible, Awful & Terrible Me

I have been such a horrible, awful and terrible blogger lately and for this, I AM SO SORRY... Usually, I am just so ready to play with my sweet Little Miss when I get home from work, that I just don't really think of anything else. I am making a vow to do my best to be a better blogger. I have so many things to update on that I do not even know where to begin.
  • Little Miss has 2 teeth...Can you believe this? She got her 1st one on the Monday right after Thanksgiving. Her 2nd one came in on December 5th, just a few short days later.
  • Little Miss is sitting all by her little self. She has been sitting since December 2nd, and I love love love it. This has been one of my favorite milestones yet, pretty much just because she takes much better pictures when she is sitting alone! :)
  • Little Miss is now in a big girl seat instead of her infant carrier! She absolutely loves sitting in her new seat. She can see everything.
  • Little Miss is grabbing at EVERYTHING. She thinks that any object that we hold, she has the right to take it away from us! Haha!
  • Little Miss is getting quite an attitude. She is pretty spoiled and thinks that everything needs to go HER way! :)
  • Little Miss says Dada all of the time and has said Mama only once, but we practice on it every day!! LOL!
  • Things are really moving along in our adoption. I am not going to post details untiol everything is finalized and done, but I will explain everything once we hit this MAJOR MILESTONE called...


She has really grown so much. I wish that I could post some pictures of her beautiful little face, but that is SOON to come, so stay tuned...