Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walking to Cure Diabetes

Saturday, September the 25th, my niece Amber, Little Miss and I walked to help cure the terrible diease, diabetes. Gosh, there are so many people with this sickness. So many kids that deal with this every single day. We were on a team for a teenage boy and a little girl called Luke's Skywalkers and Maci's Marchers. It is so eye opening when you go to things like this and you see so many shirts that say "Walking in the memory of...". We all had a wonderful time walking and I pray that they DO FIND A CURE, but until then...we will all keep walking and praying!
Way To go Luke's Skywalkers & Maci's Marchers

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy Busy Bees

We have been going and going and going...Ha...that is all that we do! :) So, here we go...
On Friday, my friend Hope and I gave our friend, Ashley, a Bachelorette Party! She is getting married on Ocotber 2nd to her long time High School sweetheart! Their story is really sweet and just reminds you that no matter what, you will end up with who you are meant to end up with. Her party turned out great! We all got her some cute little lingerie! Ohhh Lala!! :) We played a little game that was too cute! I, of course, forgot my camera at home so I didn't get any pictures!
Congratulations, Ash! I am so HAPPY for you!
Ash and her Mom, Annette, bought Little Miss the cutest little back pack ever! They also got her a picture board for her room, a sweet little bracelet, and the cutest outfit ever! It has such a sweet little hat that gors with it! They also got her a blanker made that is just out of this world! It has her name on it and we just LOVE it! Thank you both so much!! We are so thankful!!

We took a trip on Saturday to my Aunt's house in Portland, TN. It was so great to see them and to visit with them. I fixed up my Aunt Sandy's hair and my cousin Blake's hair. They looked awesome, I must say! Haha! Everyone got to love on Little Miss for a while we there. Aunt Sandy had told me a few days before that she was going to make fried chicken for us...YUMMY!!! She said that she knew that Mommy made it for us alot, and she knew that we weren't making it too much, so she said that she would make it for us. Friday night I had a crazy dream...I dreamed that my Mom was sitting in our recliner in my living room and she was eating fried chicken. I told her, "Wait let me take your picture with my phone so that Sandy can see you eat her fried chicken!"... I woke up feeling pretty awesome because I knew that my Mom would be sitting there with us at Aunt Sandy's. It is so easy to forget that she is with us because I can't talk to her, but little things like that can just make my whole week...month... or even year! I miss her so much! It feels so great to be around her family because she loved them with her whole heart! I feel so close to her when I am talking with my Aunt Sandy or my Mam (My Mom's Mom). We had a great time Saturday and I honestly hated to leave. I wish that we all lived much closer together. Saturday night, my sister, Carson, Alex, Autumn, Little Miss and I met up with one my best friends, Christy and her daughter, Liv at Olive Garden. It was very good! They gave us a huge table that was kinda enclosed all by itself, so we had a fabulous time while we were there! We were able to let all of the kids do their thing, in their high chairs of course, and not worry about them being so quiet! Liv was so excited to see Little Miss! She has baby dolls that are named after Little Miss! Bless her heart! It is so sweet! It was an awesome top off to a great day!

On Sunday we went to church and after church service, we had lunch there! It was so yummy! After church, we came home and relaxed for a while and then we headed out to my Dad's house for supper. We had grilled chicken, grilled hamburgers, grilled hot dogs, grilled pork chops, baked beans, loaded potatoe skins, and pasta salad. Ohhh, it was all so good! The kids played and played until they were just played out! So, they all slept good Sunday night, I am sure!

Monday was a wild day, as well! I had my nephew Carson and Little Miss and we just stayed in most of the day. I did actually get Little Miss' closet cleaned out, though! It was long over due, but I now have all of her clothes out that she can't fit into anymore! It made me a little sad to see what all she couldn't wear!

These are all of the clothes that I took out of her closet! There are a ton of things that she never even wore! Isn't that crazy?!? Anyways, I finished this up and then fed the two little eaters all day! They both just eat and eat and eat! Carson was so good yesterday! He was so loving all day! At one point, he climbed into my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck and looked at me and said, "Kay, I could just drink you up!" Awe...he makes me heart absolutely melt! He is so sweet! He also just kissed on Little Miss all day! After carson left, Justin, Little Miss and I headed to the Boro to meet Hope, a friend of mine, and her Mom, Virginia. They wanted to see Little Miss and they also had a gift for her. They got her 4 of the cutest little outfits ever!

Thank you so much, Hope and Virginia! We love it all so much!! They got to love on Little Miss for a little bit and then we headed out to go to our monthly Adoption Support Group. I love going to these because I love to hear other people's adoption stories! Last night's topic was Parenting Techniques. I figured Justin and I could learn some awesome stuff from that! lol! We definitely did! I will do a whole post on that next! Hope that you all enjoyed your weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Mommy and Daughter Time

So, this weekend I have pretty much just had some wonderful Mommy/Daughter time. It has been truly amazing. What I would give to be able to stay at home with my baby, but I just can't possibly do that. I have to work. I have always said that there was just NO WAY that I could be a stay at home Mom, but since I am a Mom, I absolutely would be a stay at home Mom in a heartbeat!! Since I have had a few good solid days with my baby girl, she has really turned into a Momma's girl! OH I LOVE IT!! I love her being a Momma's girl. She has had several visitors this weekend and while they were holding her, she was just looking around for ME! Sweet, Sweet Baby! So...what have we done all weekend...

On Friday, we just hung out at home. My sister, Ashley, came over for a little bit and played with Little Miss... she absolutely LOVES her Aunt Hee Hee! We had fun doing that for a little while. After she left, Justin and I just spent time loving on our sweet baby. She is very much so the highlight of our lives. We had an awesome night at home.

On Saturday, Justin left in the wee hours of the morning to go to a big dove shoot...that's right, he is a huge hunter! So, Little Miss and I had the whole morning to just lay around and snuggle. So that is just what we did. We snuggled all morning long. We had quite a few visitors wanting to visit with Little Miss on Saturday. People just love to come and hold her! lol! We took a trip shopping after all of our visitors left. I was able to get quite a few Fall clothes for Little Miss. I got her some very cute tights that I can not wait to put on her cute little chunky legs. I got her a little sweater to wear over the tights. I got her a cute little brown dress. She now has bows in just about every Fall color! :) Also, I bought her another pair of little blue jeans and a very cute cream color shirt that has a little ruffle around the neck. All of her stuff is so cute and I am so ready for Fall. I am so ready for her to wear her tights with her dresses. After we got back from shopping, Justin, Little Miss and I headed to eat at O'Charley's. It was so good and I am usually not a huge fan of O'Charley's!

On Sunday, we went to church and then headed out to WalMart. We had to get diapers, milk, dog food... the usual! Of course... we had to stop by Dairy Queen on the way home and get a good ole fattening Blizzard. :) Little Miss and I went to visit our friend, Michelle, who had surgery on Wednesday. It was great to see her doing so well after her surgery. We headed home and had Spaghetti for supper with Justin.

On Monday, Little Miss and I spent the day just her and I. We played and snuggled all day, again! We grocery shopped and ran some errands. Ashley and Carson came over for dinner and we had Sloppy Joe's, Caesar Pasta Salad and French Fries. Carson just loves to love on Little Miss. It is the sweetest thing ever!

Today, I am going back to work. It makes me sad to leave her, although I know that she is so taken care of while she is with the family that keeps her. This little girl is light of all of our lives. It just constantly leaves me wondering...
How can we be so BLESSED???

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 Month Dr. Appt

Today we had to go to the doctor for Little Miss' 2 month appointment, which means... SHOTS She actually did great, although I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. She was all smiles this morning not knowing what was about to come. She had an oral medicine and she had 3 shots, 2 in the right leg and 1 in the left leg. They did the oral dose 1st and she loved it. She sucked it down like it was candy. 2nd, they did the 2 shots in the right leg. She whimpered after the shots, but I was able to get her to smile after each of them. 3rd, they did the shot in the left leg, this one made her SCREAM. Her nurse said that she always did that shot last because it always hurts them. She said that it was the medicine in them that makes it burn. It just broke my heart!! I picked her up and she stopped crying. It felt so good to be able to console her and make her feel better.

On a happier note...She now weighs 13lbs and 9oz and is in the 95th percentile of her weight. She is 24 5/8 inces long and is also in the 95th percentile of her heighth. Her doctor said that she was doing perfect! I am such a proud little momma!! :) She doesn't have to go back to the doctor until she is 4 months, unless she is sick! I also got to add her under our insurance today! That felt so great! The first two appointments she was self-pay, but this time I was able to add our insurance! It felt so great...just one step closer to her being our's forever! It is so crazy how adoption differs from having your own child. Who would think that you would get excited over insurance! ADOPTION REALLY ROCKS!!!
i just love my big, healthy and happy baby girl!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday's Outings

On Sunday, we had a great day! The weather was perfect, again... in the low 80's and full sunshine. Our Sunday started off pretty crazy, but it ended up being a wonderful day! My sister and I took the kids to the zoo! It was Little Miss' first time going to the zoo, so we had a blast! Carson absolutely loved it this time. He has been several times, but this time he was so interested in the animals! Every time that we would walk away from an animal to go to the next one, he would say, "OHHH I want to see the AMINALS!" He calls them "aminals"! It is just too cute! Little Miss just rode along and would wake up from time to time. ;) The zoo was completely packed on Sunday! It was pretty crazy, but it was a great relaxing day that Ash and I both needed!

They have just added a new Flamingo Park at the zoo last Friday. It was so neat. I just love the Flamigos! Little miss got a few things from Flamingo Park...

Here is a picture of Little Miss and I

After the zoo, we ran into Halloween Express to try to find the kid's costumes. No such luck! We just aren't having the luck to find the one's that we want. So, just keep on looking! :) On Sunday night, we went to a suprise birthday party/cookout. We had a great time and Little Miss loved being around all of the kid's that were there.
Happy Birthday, Edye!!!
We had a fabulous Sunday! Our weekend was filled with family, friends, love, LOTS of laughter and little bit of craziness (which did get worked out!)
So today, I have Carson while Ash is working. Justin, Carson, Little Miss and I will spend the day hanging out in this faulous weather and then... who knows!! Hope everyone has had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!

Family Friday

We had a family dinner with Justin's family at Justin's Gram and her husband, Ed's house on Friday night. We celebrated Lana's birthday, Justin's sister, Joe's birthday, family friend, and we celebrated Little Miss' 2 month birthday!! :)
happy birthday Lana, Joe and Little Miss.
Hope that you all enjoyed your special day!

Justin's sister, Lana, and our sweet nephew, Easton, came in from South Carolina and Justin's uncle, Herb, and family friend, Joe, came in from Birmingham, Alabama. We had a great evening with great food and great cake!!

This is Justin, Lana and their Mom, Melanie.

Our Perfect Saturday

On Saturday, the 4th, we took Little Miss to her first Parade! It was just a small parade with pretty much just horses, but it was awesome! She stayed awake through the entire thing! She was all laid back and didn't take her eye off of the horses! Everyone that passed would point and say, "Oh look at that little baby!" I would wave her little hand like she was saying, "Hi", right back to them! lol! I absolutely love being a mommy!!!
Here is a picture of us at the parade

Saturday was the first day here in Tennessee that actually felt like Fall. It was in the high 70's. It was amazing. Now my baby girl is very pale! :) She is going to be pretty light skinned, I do believe, so she hasn't been in the sun much at all! So, when we got home from the parade, we sat outside for a little while to let her enjoy the awesome weather and gorgeous sunshine! It was a perfect day!
Here is a picture of Little Miss and her Daddy

Here is a picture of Little Miss her and Mommy

Here is a picture of Little Miss with her Aunt "Hee Hee" and cousin, Carson

I am sure you all are wondering where Hee Hee came from!?! Well, my nephew, who is almost 14, started calling her that when he was a baby. He couldn't say Ashley, so he said Hee Hee. No one knows where he got that from, but it is what she has been called ever since, and we love it. I love it when kids come up with names all on their own!

On Saturday night, we all went over to my Dad's for a cook out. My Dad is an amazing cook! He LOVES grilling. We had an awesome night with family and great friends. This is what we were snuggled up to on Saturday night.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Look at how sweet these little legs and feet are! This picture was taken yesterday at her very first parade and today we have went to the zoo for her first time - a post about that will come when I get home to the computer! ;) It is beautiful weather here in Tennessee... perfect for these little outings!! :)

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

True Love Is Worth Waiting For

I have always known how parents say that they feel about their children, I have always heard them say, "He/She wouldn't do that!", and I have always known that my parents always thought that we were sweet and innocent. (Most of the time) But, I have recently learned where these feelings come from. Our baby girl is so sweet and innocent! Now, I am sure that I will not always feel this way! :) I am not one of those people to say, "Oh that wasn't MY child!", I will definitely be pointing to mine saying, "Did you do that?"! My feelings for my blog today are just pure love. We love this little girl more than anything in the whole world. We know that she was made just specifically for us. Every time she laughs at us or just gives the smallest little grin, we melt so hard. She is so perfect in every way!

Dear Our Little Miss,

Wow... that is all that I can even say about our life with you. You have filled our hearts with more love and happiness that you could even imagine. You are exactly what we have waited so long and prayed so hard for. You brighten our day every single time that you look at us with those big wide blue eyes. You are an Angel that was sent to us to fill us up with LOVE. You are so incredibly blessed to have so many people that love you more than life. You have a pretty big family with lots of love and hugs waiting for you around every corner. You have made all of our lives so much better and so much more full of love. You will never even know what love your Mommy and Daddy have for you.

Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Learning more everyday!!

I am just now learning how to post from my phone! Haha! I know, I am behind! I am excited and will do more frequent posts! :) Hope you all have a great first day of September!!!
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