Thursday, September 2, 2010

True Love Is Worth Waiting For

I have always known how parents say that they feel about their children, I have always heard them say, "He/She wouldn't do that!", and I have always known that my parents always thought that we were sweet and innocent. (Most of the time) But, I have recently learned where these feelings come from. Our baby girl is so sweet and innocent! Now, I am sure that I will not always feel this way! :) I am not one of those people to say, "Oh that wasn't MY child!", I will definitely be pointing to mine saying, "Did you do that?"! My feelings for my blog today are just pure love. We love this little girl more than anything in the whole world. We know that she was made just specifically for us. Every time she laughs at us or just gives the smallest little grin, we melt so hard. She is so perfect in every way!

Dear Our Little Miss,

Wow... that is all that I can even say about our life with you. You have filled our hearts with more love and happiness that you could even imagine. You are exactly what we have waited so long and prayed so hard for. You brighten our day every single time that you look at us with those big wide blue eyes. You are an Angel that was sent to us to fill us up with LOVE. You are so incredibly blessed to have so many people that love you more than life. You have a pretty big family with lots of love and hugs waiting for you around every corner. You have made all of our lives so much better and so much more full of love. You will never even know what love your Mommy and Daddy have for you.

Mommy and Daddy


  1. Kelly,

    There is nothing sweeter in life than having a baby. I am so happy for you and Justin. Can't wait to see her. I hear how beautiful and precious she is all the time.
    Ashley Witty Brown

  2. She is truly a gift from God!