Monday, August 30, 2010

Just a little shopping for my girl! :)

I did a little shopping for Little Miss today and got her just a few little things! Here are 2 of the cutest shirts ever! I love shirts that say things about Mommy and/or Daddy!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these little jeans! They are just too cute! I love the little ruffle at the bottom!

I bought a new diaper bag today! I love the colors on it. Now usually, I am way more of a plain, simple and elegant type person, so this bag is way more BUSY than what I would normally carry. BUT I LOVE IT!!!

I bought a few little things for her 1st Halloween, also! I absolutely love these shirts! I think that the "Daddy" one is the cutest, but the "Mummy" one will do! :)

This will be her 1st Trick or Treating Bag! I will probably get her name put on it somewhere before Halloween!!

I just have so much fun shopping for my baby girl! I can't wait to pick out her Halloween costume! I actually think that I have already chosen it, but I just have to find somewhere that has it in stock. It is WAY CUTE!! :)

Little Miss' Room

We have had Little Miss' room done for a few weeks, but I just haven't gotten around to making a post about it. Right after we had gotten her I chose this frilly and silky bedding for her room that was just gorgeous! After we had her for a little while and I got to know her personality, I realized that the frilly silky bedding just wasn't for her. She is so easy going and always just goes with the flow, so I chose something different. Something that just seems much more HER!

Here is a before picture of the room where her room is now...

Here are 2 in between pictures after the primer coat...

NOW, here are some pictures of the finished project...

This is her boof shelf/storage bins...

Notice that I have her pictures covered! :) ...

This is her cute little lamp. This is the theme that the whole room is based on...

I just LOVE her room. Now, this doesn't show her entire room because of privacy reasons. Her name is on the wall and she has a rocking chair with her name on it, as well. This is mostly it, but there are a few things not shown! Hope that you all enjoy it! She absolutely LOVES her room!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wondering what our Little Miss is up to???

Our sweet girl is sleeping all night! Can you believe that? She will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and she has been sleeping all night for about a week and a half. AHHHH...we are loving it, although, I really did LOVE those bonding moments that she and I shared in the middle of the night when we were the only ones awake. I know that lack of sleep sometimes clouds these moments, but man they are precious. She would always be so happy when she would wake up. Just lying there SMILING!

She is still eating 5 oz every 3 hours through out the day. She is such a little eater. :) We have been giving her a little bit of rice in her bottle since she was about 5 weeks. They said it could constipate her a little bit, but it has done the opposite for her. She used to stay a little bit constipated, but since on the rice, she goes very well.

She is very much so a Momma's girl...although Justin would definitely beg to differ! :)

She NEVER spits up! I am so amazed with this. Isn't that what babies are supposed to do? Not her...I always say she doesn't want to let go of any of that food! Haha!

She is always so happy. She rarely ever cries. Seriously, I have probably only heard her cry like maybe 6 times. She is just always so bright eyed and smiley.

She absolutlely loves to cuddle up with her Mommy and Daddy! We actually love it just as much! Sometimes I wish that I didn't have to do anything except sit and hold her and just show her how much we love her.

She is cooing alot now. She will just lay there and kick and talk and laugh at us. I just LOVE to make her smile. Everything in this world is perfect when she is smiling.

She has went to her very 1st Birthday party last night! It was at Chuck E Cheeses! She was so wide awake and just looking around like "Whoa where in the world am I?" Bless her heart! She had a blast there with all of those little kids! HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY, MICAH!

We had her first pictures taken last weekend and they are perfect. I mean honestly, they are perfect! I cry just about every time that I look at them. The first song that plays on my blog is the song that plays through her pictures and it just takes my breath away. Although it says "Man and Wife", every other part of the song is so perfect for our journey to find her. This is the verse that gets to me every time

All the things you are to me
Darling you have set me free
Always give you what you need and what you deserve
All the joy and all this love
I know that it is from above
And now together there's enough to fill this world

'Cause you are the love of my life
You are the love of my life
And now we're man and wife

All the things that you will do
And now i'm standing next to you
And darling I will see you through the rest of our lives
With you beside me I have won
I'm glad i've waited for so long
There is no doubt that you are the one for me

This is definitely my new favorite song! I absolutely love it. I could not imagine my life with out this little girl. My life has taken on a new meaning, and I love it. This is what I was put here on Earth to do, to be her Mother. I find myself really wishing that my Mom was here to share this joy with us. She would love her so much. She would be so wrapped around her finger. She would have so much fun watching Carson cuddle right up to her. Then, I some how know that she knows ALL OF THIS JOY that we are having right now because she is here with me every single day witnessing this joy. I know that my daughter is my Mother shining through. My Mom chose Little Miss' name. We were camping in September of last year when I told my Mom that I wasn't sure if she would be here when I was able to have a child, and that I wanted to have atleast something to share with her when that day came. I asked her to choose a name, either boy or girl, or both. She chose a girl's name because she has always said that she absolutely knew that I would have a girl first. SHE WAS SO RIGHT! She chose the name that my daughter will now carry for the rest of her life. I will be able to share more with you after we are finalized!

Isn't God so great? He has definitley given us such a HUGE BLESSING for waiting so long. We truly feel that he has blessed us with such a good baby just to reassure us that he has had this planned for us all along. Everything that we have went through, now is so worth it. We would go through every bit of it again to bring us to this Angel.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Look at how big my baby girl is getting! I just love watching how she changes!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What have we been up to???

As all of you know, I am so behind on posting. We have been up to so much and loving every minute of it! Here is a little recap:

We finally had our huge yard sale! It was an awesome success! We had so much donated was wonderful! Thank you to everyone that helped us that day! It was HOT and RAINY, but some awesome people stuck it out with us to help make the day a success.

The day after the yard sale, we had our first shower! It was so awesome. Everyone got to meet Little Missy. Some pretty awesome girls sure did pull the shower off amazingly with very little notice! Everything was just perfect! The cake was awesome!!!

We took our first road trip the next weekend! We took a trip to my Grandmother's house in Kentucky. It was the best trip ever. It was so awesome for Little Missy to finally get to meet my precious Grandmother, Mam. They fell in love while we were there! It was so good for all of us to go up there. I feel so close to my Mom when I am there with Mam. It was my Mom's favorite place to be in this whole wide world, and because of that, I absolutely love being there, too! My baby girl did wonderfully on the drive there and on the drive back. We only stopped once for her on the way and we didn't have to stop at all on the way back! She truly is the best baby ever. She is just always smiles and always so content.

This weekend we attended our daughter's very first wedding. Congrats to you, Emily and Montana! We are so happy for you two. Your journey is just beginning, so sit back and enjoy every minute of it. We also had Little Miss' first photography session! SHE DID AMAZING!! We did pictures for over 4 and a half hours and changed her clothes so many times, and she stayed a happy baby! Thank you Candice for doing the most amazing job ever. I have never seen pictures so beautiful! Then, today we went to Church and afterwards, they had a baby shpwer for us. We got so many wonderful things. We are so very blessed to have the family and friends that we have. Thank you to all of you, you all did way too much. We are so grateful and so happy!

Our lives are so full right now and we are happier than words can even say. We feel so complete right now. Our daughter fills our hearts so much every single day. I am still wondering how we can be so blessed with such an amazing blessing. She makes our lives so perfect! I think that I finally have yall caught up! OH, and I went back to work... :( I hate leaving her every day, but I working so that we can give her the world! I am now a working MOMMA!! I just love being called a MOMMA! FINALLY!!!!!!