Monday, October 25, 2010


Is so happy to say that Josh Proctor has been found and he is ok. They found him a different state, but he is safe and is going to be on his way home tonight.


This is a guy that I went to High School with. He has been missing for over a week now. He was such a fun loving guy and always so much fun to be around. I am hoping that someone that reads my blog will see him and possibly have some kind of known whereabouts to him. PLEASE, PLEASE SAY A PRAYER FOR HIS SAFE RETURN AND A PRAYER FOR HIS FAMILY.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

UPDATE ON LITTLE MISS ;) baby girl is 16 weeks old today! Isn't that so CRAZY??? I just can not believe how fast she is growing up on me. It seems like she is learning new things all of the time now. This is so exciting to see her do something new, but it also means that she is getting so big, which sometimes could make me pretty sad! BUT, seeing her smile and laugh, as she does all of the time now, makes me just explode with happiness. Here are a few things that she has started doing within the last week...
  • She has found that she kinda likes to suck on her thumb! (She has really started this just yesterday and she only sucks on her right thumb!!) It is so funny.
  • She can now put her paci back into her mouth. She has been pulling it out of her mouth for a while now, but she has just figured out how to put it back in.
  • She loves when you tickle her chest, kinda under her neck. She will laugh and laugh...ALWAYS. This is just precious.
  • She is shoveling everything into her mouth. This has been going on for probably 2-3 weeks, though.
  • She has FINALLY found me in the car! I have a mirror on the seat so that I can see her and she has just recently found me in the rear view mirror by looking through her mirror. THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING!!! I will hear her breathing really hard and kicking in her seat and this is when she is looking dead at me through the rear view mirror. When I look at her, she laughs & giggles. It is such a day brightening moment! :)
  • Oh, and she pulls her hair...all of the time! She has been doing this for a couple of weeks. I hate when she does it. I know it hurts! LOL!

Last night Justin and I had our first "date night" since we have been parents. My sister kept Little Miss while we went out. We didn't do anything major, we just went to Bass Pro for the 1st time since it has re-opened from the flood. Justin had to get her her first Real Camo hunting outfit. Oh my goodness, I think it is so ugly! Haha! He LOVES it, though. I may think that it is ugly, but she will definitely ROCK IT OUT, if I must say so myself!!! ;) We did just a bit more shopping around, grabbed a bite to eat and then went on back to pick up our sweet Angel. It was so weird being out without her, but we really enjoyed our night! Today, we are having a low key kinda day! Little Miss is currently sleeping in her Daddy's arms in the recliner while I am sitting here on the couch watching "Amazing Wedding Cakes" and updating my blog. Is that not a perfect day, or what??? We will head over to my Dad's after while for our Sunday Dinner ritual. And, I also have my windows open today, so the breeze is blowing through perfectly. FABULOUS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Marvelous Monday :)

Monday is always a great day because I am off and get to spend the whole day with my sweet little girl and my nephew Carson. This Monday, Carson and I made a fort in my living room floor! I am not much of a builder, but hey, he loved it!!!

This is Carson inside his "house" with his farm...

Here, he decided that he might want to take a nap inside his "house" (This lasted for all of ummm 5 seconds!) :)

And here is where I had to throw the camera down because he was grabbing her so that he could put her in the box and move her into his house! LOL!!! He is just too funny!

Monday evening we had our 3 month Post Placement Visit. It went great. Little Miss was such a little ham while we were there. She showed off her little laugh several times! She is such a little social bug! I just love it! We only have 1 more visit to go at 6 months!!! YAY!!!

Family Sunday

On Sunday, we headed out to my Aunt's house in Portland. My Mam (grandmother) and some more family came down from Kentucky to celebrate my sister and my nephew's birthdays in October. We had a WONDERFUL huge feast with chicken and dumplings, ham, homeade yeast rolls, green beans, corn and tons more. We had banana pudding, pistachio pudding, pumpkin pie, butter rum cake, and mahogany cake. was all so delicious. It was such a great day just spending it with such close family. It is so different without my Mom there with her family, but it feels so great being right where her heart is. I am so blessed to have the wonderful family that I do. Aunt Sandy, Mam & all cooked a GREAT meal. :)

This is Mam with Little Miss. (Again...I hate her face being blacked out, but wanted to share the pictures!)

I love this one where she is looking down at her...

My Mam is an awesome seamstress. She can sew ANYTHING. She has always made us all dresses and things. I still have tons of dresses that she made for Ashley and I when we were Little Miss' size. Everytime someone in the family has a baby, she makes them their christening gowns. She suprised me with Little Miss' on Sunday! Oh my gosh...they are gorgeous! Candice, get ready because we need pictures done again! :)

Here is one dress...

This is another one that she made...

And, here is the blanket that she made for her, as well...

These pictures do not even do them justice. They are more than I could have even imagined. I was so excited to get them! Mam also told me that before my Mom passed away, my Mom gave Mam the pattern to these for when I had a baby girl (she always said she knew without a doubt that I would have a girl first...SHE WAS SOOO RIGHT). Little Miss is so blessed with soooo many people that love her so much! I just LOVE her dresses so much. My Mam is so amazing!!! :)


I am a little behind on my blogging because we have been so very busy! We had such an awesome weekend! We had lots of friend time, family time and of course...MOMMY TIME! :) On Saturday, we had Little Miss' and my nephew, Carson's Halloween pictures made. They got all dressed up in their costumes and poor Candice tried her best to get some good shots of them. I haven't seen the pictures yet, but there is just no telling because both babies were NOT in the mood for pictures!! Since it was time for Little Miss' 3 month pictures, we also did some pictures of them in their regular clothes, as well. We got some of them together and some of me and Little Miss and Ash and Carson. I saw a couple of them from Candice's camera and they looked pretty good, given the kids' moods. They had me and my sister pretty stressed because they both just were not cooperative! LOL!!! (NOTE TO YOU ALL...I am learning that with a child, it is VERY hard to be a control freak! Things don't just always go as planned!) I sometimes kinda get cracked up at myself because I get so stressed when I am not in COMPLETE control...and nowadays...well, Little Miss is pretty much in control! HAHA! But, oh how I love it!
We rushed home from pictures to get the kids ready to head out to the CIRCUS!!! Oh, how I love the circus! It was so much fun. All of the kids really had such an awesome time. They were just amazed at everything. Here are some pictures of us with one of the clowns...

Here are just some snapshots of us while we were waiting for it to begin...

This is my sister, Ashley and Carson

Little Miss and I (I hate blacking out her face, but soon I will no longer have to!) :)

Our friend, Christy with her 2 kids, Micah and Liv

We had such a great time at the circus! The older kids got to ride elephants and ponies, while Little Miss and I saved seats! The people in the circus really put their lives on the line and it is so amazing. There was one time when a man literally almost fell off of this huge ring that was in the air. It made my heart stop! I absolutely love making wonderful memories with my baby girl!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Ok, so maybe not alot of pictures, but just a few that took with out her face showing. Man, I can not wait until I can post her face on here. That day will be so EXCITING!!! Anyways, we have a major weekend planned, so posts about all of the FUN will come soon!!! Oh...and isn't she just gorgeous rocking out the pj's?!?! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder...

How can I live the rest of my life without ever speaking to my Mom? How can I can live the rest of my life without ever seeing my Mom's face again? How can I teach my daughter about the perfect Nana that she has, without her ever meeting her?

This week, I changed my Mom's flowers on her grave. My sister and I always make them ourselves so that they are really big and beautiful, but this time I had them ordered. The flower shop actually did an excellent job. They are fall colors and she would definitely love them. I cleaned her stone while I was there and it looks so pretty. It is so weird how I have such different feelings when I go to her grave. Sometimes I feel happy when I am there. Sometimes I feel sad when I am there. Sometimes I feel mad when I am there. Just seeing her name on that stone makes me sick to my stomach. It has almost been a year since she passed away and it STILL hasn't sunk in to me yet. I get so upset knowing that my Mom is GONE and it is something that I will NEVER heal from. It will never stop hurting. So many things in our life has changed since she has been gone and I am so thankful, but it hurts that I can't call and tell her. Little Miss will never know the love that her Nana would have had for her...but she will always be TAUGHT how much love she would have had for her! I miss my Mom soooooo badly. Every single day I think of her and every single day I still cry for her. I will never heal from losing her...How do you accept that? How do you move on from something that you don't want to move on from? To feel that I am moving on feels like I am forgetting her, it makes me feel further away from my Mom. One of the best things that my Mom taught me was LOVE. She taught us all the love of a family and that at the end of the day, that is all that matters. My Mom taught me how to be a Mom, even though she isn't here now that I am a Mom, she shines through me every day because I am so much like her.
She shines through my Brother, my Sister and me...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The GREATEST Moment Yet...

So, tonight I was holding Little Miss to where her back was against my stomach and she was facing away from me...She threw her head backwards and pushed those big blue eyes up at me and smiled. I started talking to her and she literally started laughing SO HARD that she couldn't breathe. She laughed like this for about 5 minutes straight. She did it for a minute or two and I finally got my hands on my cell phone and got the BEST video ever! This has been the greatest moment yet! She has absolutely made our night! I wish that I could post her face because I would post the video in a heartbeat. This little girl is the light of our lives!!! She just couldn't be any more perfect!! :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little Miss

We had Little Miss' pictures made when she was 6 weeks old, she is now 13 weeks, but I am just getting around to posting a few that do not show her face. The pictures were amazing and I am so proud of them. It is already time to get her 3 month pictures done, as well! LOL!

Yes, her name begins with a "G"... :)

Aren't these feet the cutest things ever? I just love them so much!!
These 3 pictures were the only ones that didn't show her face! It seems like forever until I can post her face, but it will be soon enough!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Weekend Happenings

Here is the beautiful Bride, Ashley, and her Daddy...

The handsome Groom, Jordan, and their son, Tuff...

These are the decorations that were on the end of each aisle...

This is the altar that they decorated! Isn't it so pretty? They did such a wonderful job...

My camera broke after I took these pictures, GO FIGURE... But, everything was gorgeous and I am so happy for them!!!
This is a picture of a strawberry cobbler that I made last night! it was so awesome!! I thought that it looked so pretty, so I thought that I would share!!

LOVE Is In The Air!!!

Just so you all know... we have 31 days until a very special day!!! We have been counting down for a while now, but we are getting closer and closer. I thank GOD every day for my sweet daughter!

I want to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to one of my great friends, Ashley and her new husband, Jordan! They have "tied the knot" this weekend with a gorgeous wedding. They had mason jars hanging every where with little tea lights in them. It looked like little fireflies inside them, it was so pretty. I am so happy for you two and for your precious little boy, Tuff! Love you, Ash!

I have more things to post about, but will do that maybe this afternoon! I also have some pictures that I actually can post!!! YEAH!!! Have a wonderful day!!!