Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gracie's Milestone

Yesterday I really had to work on my taxes... As much as I absolutely hated to! Haha! So, Gracie's Gram and Grandee came to pick her up at around 10am so that I could get a good early start and have the day to overload myself into the computer with receipts and such. Gracie was in the middle of her morning nap when they pulled up, but of course he dogs barking woke her up. When they first walked in she was still kinda laying her head on me and wasn't too into being social... WELL, that only lasted a minute or so. She then popped her little head up and started waving at them and grinning from ear to ear. She reached out for Gram, so she got her from me. (this is where the milestone part comes in) She then looked at me and started waving and saying "bye bye"!!!! WOW!!! My baby girl is growing sooo much. I went outside with them to buckle her seat in and to buckle her in. Once I got her buckled in, she started waving at me and saying "bye bye" again. She was ready to hit the road with them.
I have been telling them for a while now that there would come a day when she would beg to stay with them and want me to leave!! As much as this made me realize that my baby girl is growing up and getting a mind and personality of her own, I know that she absolutely made 2 people's day... Her Gram and Grandee's!! :) I am so lucky and blessed to be her Mommy!!!
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  1. Don't worry, it won't last long. Tuff went through that phase and now he's back to crying and latching on when I leave. Poor thing. I think he's getting old enough to understand that I'm leaving him. I know it's sad but it won't be long before she's latching on again. Something I hate and love all at the same time ;) Love you Kel!

  2. Gram and Grandee have their day made everytime we have the blessing of keeping Gracie. She is such a blessing from God.